What Else Can I Do?

Advocate for Us

You can help by following the legislative issues facing community providers like North Star and advocate on our behalf, and the behalf of other agencies like ours.

The Iowa Association of Community Providers (IACP) has a list of current policy priorities that will help community providers like North Star help the people we serve.  Find out more here.

In 2021, Iowa's community providers will contribute $1.3 billion dollars to the economy and provide support to 160,000 of our more vulnerable citizens with disabilities.

The key message is to request of our legislators a 10% rate increase with 75% pass-through to the wages for the staff who provide the support for persons served.  It will take legislative action to increase our rates...rates that have been "frozen" for a number of years, as costs continue to rise.  We need to offer our employees more competitive wages, so that we may recruit and retain qualified people to support those we are committed to.  Contact your local seat holders to ensure they are aware of North Star Community Services, and the invaluable services we provide the people we serve.

Visit the IACP website for additional information and reach out to your local legislators.  Find out who your legislator is by using this link:  Find your Iowa Legislator