Cyrano de BurgerShack

Listen below to hear the radio spot we did for Cyrano de BurgerShack!


Cyrano de BurgerShack, North Star's latest musical endeaver, an unlikely combination of "High School the Musical" meets "Cyrano de Bergerac," was held on June 14th at West High School's Kersenbrock Auditorium in Waterloo.

The eloquent king of the local burger joint (aka, The Burger Shack), famous for his “ginormous” nose, Cyrano, can’t seem to win the love the fair Roxanne (his best friend since kindergarten).  When she confesses her love for the new burger-flipper, Christian, Cyrano decides it is better to play Cupid and help the tongue-tied Christian win Roxanne by "ghostwriting" his love letters (by text, of course)!  What could go wrong?

The show was complete with loads of fun jukebox music from artists like The Go-Go's, The Proclaimers, Debbie Gibson, Pink, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and even Chumbawumba was represented.  It full of fun, some action, a ton of humor, and the timeless lesson:  It is important to look beyond what is on the outside and see the real person on the inside."  And (spoiler alert), in the version, Cyrano wins Roxanne in the end!

Enjoy these photos!

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outside the shack