North Star Community Services wishes to announce that effective on March 31, 2022, we will be closing our Toledo satellite office, currently located at 221 West High Street in Toledo.  We do not feel that this closure is a negative event, and wish to reassure everyone involved, that this will in no way affect the individuals with disabilities we serve in the Toledo area, nor will it have an adverse effect on the community. As always, North Star will still be very much present, we just will not have a physical Toledo address.

Last fiscal year, North Star served a total of 87 people from offices located in Toledo, Marshalltown, and Vinton.  These same individuals and potentially more, will still receive critical support services at home, in the community – where we all belong.  Since North Star’s Supported Community Living program is community-based, a “brick and mortar” building isn’t necessary for us to provide quality services. 

North Star typically provides services to individuals within a 30-mile radius of a satellite office and both the Marshalltown and Vinton offices will remain to continue services in the region.  It just makes good business sense to be more prudent with sometimes limited resources and to consolidate our programming’s supervision into two offices, rather than three.

North Star opened its branch office in Toledo in 2013 and we will always be grateful for the outstanding support and friendship the community has shown us, and we look forward to continuing the relationships that we have built over the years as we work together to continue our mission, to empower those citizens with disabilities, to realize their personal potential, pursue dreams, and enjoy life.  If you have questions or need information, please reach out to Krista Prior, Assistant Director of the Marshalltown office at (641) 754-4842.